Rate PlansRate Plan DescriptionInitiation Fee*Monthly Dues
Junior Full GolfAge 40 and under$1500$200
Junior Limited GolfAge 40 and under$1500$180
Full GolfAge 41 to 64$1500$260
Limited GolfAge 41 to 64$1500$215
Senior Full GolfAge 65 and over$1500$240
Senior Limited GolfAge 65 and over$1500$190
Non-Resident GolfFull Golf, to qualify you must live and work 50 miles from club$1500$118
Social MemberSocial Member$250$90
Corporate MemberFull Golf (Minimum 3 and billed directly to Company)$1500$140
F&B MinimumMust spend a minimum of $40 on food & beverage. Unused amount charged on 26th of month$0.00$40.00

*Initiation fee waived with a 1-year commitment

All items are subject to 8.25% sales tax

All fees and Dues are subject to change at any time